Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Holds Us Back.

Besides fear....

Well it could be we are comfortable where we are. I know that's me, it could be we really don't care, but that means we really don't care about our life or the people in it. It could be we don't know any better, or is it something else?

Are we in reaction to something? Are we playing the victim? Have we been hurt in the past? Is our weight and eating an emotional trigger?

Most times I feel it is, its about what or maybe who you are hiding from. Is it you? Is it a commitment? Or are you hiding from the fact that if you get healthy that you will have to stay healthy.

Did you ever think....
That you would finnaly get to show yourself off?
Its a commitment that is a lifestyle choice not a chore?
That once you get healthy you will want to stay healthy?

Its time to change how we think about our bodies, our image, our health and most importantly our lifestyle!

What's your choice? Is it to step up and play the game?


  1. I think, with me, 100 lbs as a goal was huge. I got to 65 lbs lost and I turned around and looked at how far I had come. And the idea of pushing and fighting that hard for-the-rest-of-my-life made me hit a huge wall. I agree with your list.

    What holds me back??? "Are you hiding from the fact that if you get healthy that you will have to stay healthy?"

    I burned out. It took me stopping, back treading, and being forced to physically remember the price of my old life. I needed a recharge and a rekindle.

    But I am so stepping back up to the game. Because I am ready to commit to my new active lifestyle and earn my dreams. :D

    See you at the finish line!!!!

  2. You hit some great points, and I am going to have to ponder on them. I think that there are several reasons that I allowed myself to become obese and different reasons why I allowed myself to stay obese for so long.

    What has changed? Now I really want to live my life to the fullest -- to the Nth degree!