Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keep the wagon train a'movin....

So who invented this wagon? Was it the Indians? How about the Europeans? Maybe it was the Asians? I know! The Africans... no really

Who invented this damn 'wagon'?

I mean really who gets on and off a wagon now a days? Who even cares... point is we use it EVERYDAY!!!

Look, its empty and meaningless... it doesn't matter who is on the wagon, or who isn't, of it works or not, or most importantly if its going to help you be healthy.

There is only one thing that will have you be, live and have a healthy happy life...

You get to decide if it matters to you
You get to be loving of yourself
You get to see the value your health has on your lifestyle

So now this wagon right, its outdated... can we trash it? Can we look at it differently? This is your journey. This is your life, your choices. So lets choose wisely, don't choose because someone else is doing it. Choose what you want and the results that you want. Make that your ride, not your wagon. Cause wagons take people places... and what if the driver of that wagon is not going where you want to go? You still gonna get on?

I wouldn't, I'd like to create my own vehicle of transportation! I'm driving and its a one seated, ill stop and visit you we can wash our vehicles together. Modify them, try out each others. Whatever.  But make it a one seater... drive your way where and when you want to.

Now I want to see is that each one of us has a personal journey we are going on, and where our individual final destination will take them?

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  1. I think it's only when we realize we *can* drive our own wagons that we actually start making real progress. Loved this post, made me smile. =D