Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Imagination to Manifestation

10 steps to achieving your wildest dreams

1. Clarity of vision, be specific, see it, feel it, experience it.
- See it: How will your life be different? What have you created?
- Feel it: How will you feel? Empowerment, Energetic, Powerful?
- Experience it: How will you and others experience you differently?

2. Connect daily to your vision through powerful declarations and affirmations daily.
- E.g.: I am love, I am powerful, I am healthy, I am an extraordinary business woman, I live long and find strong making a positive difference in the world and other people’s lives.

3. Who do I need to be / how do I need to show up in the world to achieve my wildest dreams?
- Distinct and different from who you have been historically
- Passionate, powerful, open, risking, focused, honest, bold

4. What part of you needs to be redesigned?
- Stop procrastinating, leverage social media, create a powerful network

5. Strategy/Accountability
- Strategy: How will I get it done?
- Accountability: How many, by when - accountability partner/ coach / invest

6. Become Unstoppable. Hank Aaron hit 755 home runs and 1383 strike-outs. Be Willing to strike out
- Keep getting up to bat
- Objective Assessment - what worked, what didn’t work, what will I do differently?

7. Healthy Diet.
- What are you feeding your mind, your spirit, your body?
- Junk in/ Junk out

8. Joy, Fun, Joy, Fun, Joy, Fun When life becomes dull... we become dull
- Take the time to reflect, refresh, renew
- Ten minutes of deep breathing
- Five minutes in the sun

9. REST Take care of yourself .
- Sleep and Restore
- Pray and Meditate

10. Visit your vision daily.
- Whatever we focus on has the most power. No focus, no power
- Strong consistent focus on your vision equals manifestation.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gluten grains VS non-gluten grains.

Gluten grains:
Wheat (including whole wheat)

Some of these grains are much less common, yet might be an additive or ingredient in other products that seem gluten free but are not.
Being aware of what is not consumable is half the battle. But its not the most important half. The starting point is to look at what you can have and leave the rest for others to enjoy, enjoying the fact that you will feel better without them.

Now the fun part is finding new foods that you get to experience and have fun with. Here is something that I created and have been thoroughly enjoying.

Lemon Shrimp Quinoa: makes 2 servings, for me it makes 3 small portions. Perfect for eating less it fills you up and is very healthy.
Ingredients :
Extra virgin olive oil, (2-3 Theo)
Garlic (1-2 cloves)
Red Onions (1/2 cup to 3/4 cup)
Sugar snap peas (2handfulls or  a cup and a half)
Shrimp (5-6 or more if you like)
Quinoa (1/2 cup)

I soak the quinoa for about a half hour. It cooks like rice, so after soaking and rinsing several times, I place a half cup of quinoa to boil in about a cup and a half of water, I always do more water than required.

In a seperste little pot I boil up a hand full (5-6) shrimp, till slightly pink these will cook again so don't cook them all the way.

In a non stick pan I heat some extra virgin olive oil (2-3 tblsp measure enough to coat bottom of pan.), throw in minced garlic( to your preference how much and how small/ bigplanet ). I add in about 3/4 cup of sliced onions (again you can mince/chop more/ less or whatever you like here). I let these cook, let the garlic become slightly brown, let the onions turn clear. I than add in the sugar snap peas (about 2 hand fulls)  and the cooked shrimp. (Both as dry as possible.  Cover and let cook for 15-20 min till water is released and steaming peas. At about 15 min ass in about a half cup of lemon juice.

The quinoa has been cooking away. Make sure there is less than 5% of the water left over, than pour the entire quinoa into the pan with the peas and shrimp. There should be plenty of lemon juice left in the pan, let them all cook together uncovered for another 5-10 min till again most of the liquid is absorbed.

When your ready to turn it off take it out of the pan and place in bowl. You can eat as soon as it cools down a Little I like to add more lemon juice.

I hope this gives you all a great idea how flexible you can be and how you can enjoy different types of grains.  This recipe can also be done with rice.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Transitioning to a gluten free life

Becoming gluten free can be easy or not so easy.

It's all about how you choose to look at it. Beginning the journey to a gluten free life style can add huge benifits to your health. Between feeling better, losing weight, having more energy and a better over all mood. Becoming gluten free is a life style change for the best. How to get there is a journey and choice in patience. The best way to a gluten free life is to start with whole foods diet. Cut out anything that comes in a package/box/bottle. This will eliminate many errors and additives that you might encounter along your journey. When in doubt check the ingredients. 

Many times additives / preservatives / flavoring  / coloring has gluten in it. Many supermarkets now carry gluten free lines. You can get almost anything at your local market, or by ordering on line. Yet these items can be over priced and just as unhealthy as the regular items on another shelf. The best and healthiest way is to look for foods with no packaging.

Take care to not mix foods that are gluten free and not gluten free. Anytime gluten is mixed with something without gluten, it becomes 'contaminated' or now has gluten. The example I can give was, I was offered a bagel flat today that was rice,corn and whole wheat. I was offered it cause it doesn't have as much gluten as a regular bagel. A little or alot does not change anything. With gluten its an all or nothing kind of game. There either is gluten and you can get sick or there isn't any and you won't get sick.

It is also something to keep in mind when having a gluten intolerance or allergy, it takes 2 weeks to get gluten out of your system to feel better. Take care of what you put in your mouth to take care of your body.

This week I challenge you to cut all gluten out of your diet for the next two weeks. And let me know how you feel and any way that I can support you this week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Age Less, Live More Review

Last month I was given an extrodinary gift.
It was a simple, small and modest book. 

My challenge for this week is for everyone to find a way to get a hold of this amazing book!!! Library, book store, I've been lending out my copy. Whatever it takes!!!! If you have two hours to kill, go to your book store see if they have it, and you would be able to read it. Short, quick and life changing.

Age Less, Live More. By Bernando LaPallo.

Normally books about living better, healthier, and prosperously, bore me! All about what to do, what to do, what to do. 

Well listen up! Bernando is one funny guy! He is straight forward with over one hundred years of experience.  All the info is straight forward concise and written in a pleasant live and love life kind of way. I've always been a believer if you don't love your life, your not living.  I want to recommend and highlight some great points made by Senior LaPallo.

The first half of the book is about living, loving and being easy about life. Loving God, loving yourself and trusting. Without faith there is no good fortune or health. Without faith there are poor choices which lead to bad outcomes, which he describes in his book. This impacted me tremendously.  I felt a resolve and recognition to always do the responsible thing will help you live a longer healthier and happier life.

Bernardo writes about walking daily, breathing deeply, and loving completely. If I say any more I will be giving away the whole book, but his advice and experience has in two weeks changed around my life and health. I feel amazing am sheading excess weight with exercise, quickly and healthy. My energy has increased, my swelling has decreased, less back pain, my feet hurt less, I'm full and satisfied. 

Best part of all is I feel sharper and more accurate with my mind than ever, quicker reflexes and better sleep.

And that's just part 1!!!!

The second half of Age Less, Live More talks about foods to eat. I've always been a healthy eater, yet a few changes with the aid of his suggestions has decreased my want to eat unnecessary foods, to eat less and enjoy more what I do eat. Since reading this book I have managed a completely gluten free diet without feeling deprived!!!!

The added benifits to overall health have blown me away. Do I follow it all religiously?  No, of course not. But every little suggestion that I have added in or adopted to my lifestyle has made me feel more alive and happier!

I recommend and challenge you this week to do whatever it takes to get this book. I have looked for a digital copy, there is none, so just go read this very short and powerful book!

Now I would like to thank a very special man, father, brother, friend and angel.
I received this book from an dear friend of mine, someone who saw more in me than I saw in myself, someone who constantly showed love guidence and acceptance.  Who's coaching and advice has always touched my heart in his peaceful and loving manor. And it is from this man that I received such a powerful gift of a priceless book. Where I have one three words to give him in return, humility, gratitude, and acceptance... it has been ten months since I have known this man, where he has guided me and supported me, held me to a higher standard and loved me more than I was able to for myself.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Angela speaks!

You don’t know everything…. // Chest - Tris Workout 1

I can’t express the title of this blog enough, neither you, nor I, know everything there is to know when it comes to working out and fitness. So if you’re at the gym, and someone tries to correct your form or give you advice, LISTEN. Chances are, they might be completely incorrect, but come home and check out Google, ask me, and ask for a 2nd and 3rd opinion!!! Never assume you know it all just because you made a commitment, to some people, this is a lifestyle.

Now with that being said - here is a workout for this week GET IT!!

((workouts will be segmented - make sure even if you don’t follow these workouts, you segment body parts this way for ultimate results))

Chest / Tris

Warm up: Eliptical / 10 minutes /Crosstrain 10 - Resistance 8

Incline Chest Press

Set 1: 20 times // 5 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 12 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells

Dumbbell Fly

Set 1: 20 times // 5 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 12 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells

Overhead Tricep Extension (2 arms)

Set 1: 20 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 12 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 15 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 20 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 12 lb dumbbells

Tricep Kickbacks (Each Arm)

Set 1: 20 times // 3 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 5 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 7 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 5 lb dumbbells

Cardio: 30 minutes on the Eliptical /Crosstrain 10 / Resistance 8

Set the weights according to your strength and experience. Additionally, if you hit the gym in the morning, do your cardio first, on an empty stomach… then grab a protein shake and bust out those weight reps!

LETS GO KIDS… as the title of this blog states - SHUT UP AND TRAIN!!! Its going to burn, KEEP GOING. Your arms are going to shake, KEEP GOING. Only stop if you are in unbearable pain. I do extensions at about 30lbs and it burns, let me tell you, but I’ll do 10, take a few seconds, and then continue. No harm in taking a moment, but don’t let those moments, those dumbbells define you. KICK THEIR ASS!

As always, here if you need advice!

Love & dumbbells

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Holds Us Back.

Besides fear....

Well it could be we are comfortable where we are. I know that's me, it could be we really don't care, but that means we really don't care about our life or the people in it. It could be we don't know any better, or is it something else?

Are we in reaction to something? Are we playing the victim? Have we been hurt in the past? Is our weight and eating an emotional trigger?

Most times I feel it is, its about what or maybe who you are hiding from. Is it you? Is it a commitment? Or are you hiding from the fact that if you get healthy that you will have to stay healthy.

Did you ever think....
That you would finnaly get to show yourself off?
Its a commitment that is a lifestyle choice not a chore?
That once you get healthy you will want to stay healthy?

Its time to change how we think about our bodies, our image, our health and most importantly our lifestyle!

What's your choice? Is it to step up and play the game?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keep the wagon train a'movin....

So who invented this wagon? Was it the Indians? How about the Europeans? Maybe it was the Asians? I know! The Africans... no really

Who invented this damn 'wagon'?

I mean really who gets on and off a wagon now a days? Who even cares... point is we use it EVERYDAY!!!

Look, its empty and meaningless... it doesn't matter who is on the wagon, or who isn't, of it works or not, or most importantly if its going to help you be healthy.

There is only one thing that will have you be, live and have a healthy happy life...

You get to decide if it matters to you
You get to be loving of yourself
You get to see the value your health has on your lifestyle

So now this wagon right, its outdated... can we trash it? Can we look at it differently? This is your journey. This is your life, your choices. So lets choose wisely, don't choose because someone else is doing it. Choose what you want and the results that you want. Make that your ride, not your wagon. Cause wagons take people places... and what if the driver of that wagon is not going where you want to go? You still gonna get on?

I wouldn't, I'd like to create my own vehicle of transportation! I'm driving and its a one seated, ill stop and visit you we can wash our vehicles together. Modify them, try out each others. Whatever.  But make it a one seater... drive your way where and when you want to.

Now I want to see is that each one of us has a personal journey we are going on, and where our individual final destination will take them?