Friday, April 22, 2011

Angela speaks!

You don’t know everything…. // Chest - Tris Workout 1

I can’t express the title of this blog enough, neither you, nor I, know everything there is to know when it comes to working out and fitness. So if you’re at the gym, and someone tries to correct your form or give you advice, LISTEN. Chances are, they might be completely incorrect, but come home and check out Google, ask me, and ask for a 2nd and 3rd opinion!!! Never assume you know it all just because you made a commitment, to some people, this is a lifestyle.

Now with that being said - here is a workout for this week GET IT!!

((workouts will be segmented - make sure even if you don’t follow these workouts, you segment body parts this way for ultimate results))

Chest / Tris

Warm up: Eliptical / 10 minutes /Crosstrain 10 - Resistance 8

Incline Chest Press

Set 1: 20 times // 5 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 12 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells

Dumbbell Fly

Set 1: 20 times // 5 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 12 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 7 lb dumbbells

Overhead Tricep Extension (2 arms)

Set 1: 20 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 12 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 15 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 20 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 12 lb dumbbells

Tricep Kickbacks (Each Arm)

Set 1: 20 times // 3 lb dumbbells Set 2: 18 times // 5 lb dumbbells Set 3: 15 times // 7 lb dumbbells Set 4: 12 times // 10 lb dumbbells Set 5 : 18 times // 5 lb dumbbells

Cardio: 30 minutes on the Eliptical /Crosstrain 10 / Resistance 8

Set the weights according to your strength and experience. Additionally, if you hit the gym in the morning, do your cardio first, on an empty stomach… then grab a protein shake and bust out those weight reps!

LETS GO KIDS… as the title of this blog states - SHUT UP AND TRAIN!!! Its going to burn, KEEP GOING. Your arms are going to shake, KEEP GOING. Only stop if you are in unbearable pain. I do extensions at about 30lbs and it burns, let me tell you, but I’ll do 10, take a few seconds, and then continue. No harm in taking a moment, but don’t let those moments, those dumbbells define you. KICK THEIR ASS!

As always, here if you need advice!

Love & dumbbells

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Holds Us Back.

Besides fear....

Well it could be we are comfortable where we are. I know that's me, it could be we really don't care, but that means we really don't care about our life or the people in it. It could be we don't know any better, or is it something else?

Are we in reaction to something? Are we playing the victim? Have we been hurt in the past? Is our weight and eating an emotional trigger?

Most times I feel it is, its about what or maybe who you are hiding from. Is it you? Is it a commitment? Or are you hiding from the fact that if you get healthy that you will have to stay healthy.

Did you ever think....
That you would finnaly get to show yourself off?
Its a commitment that is a lifestyle choice not a chore?
That once you get healthy you will want to stay healthy?

Its time to change how we think about our bodies, our image, our health and most importantly our lifestyle!

What's your choice? Is it to step up and play the game?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keep the wagon train a'movin....

So who invented this wagon? Was it the Indians? How about the Europeans? Maybe it was the Asians? I know! The Africans... no really

Who invented this damn 'wagon'?

I mean really who gets on and off a wagon now a days? Who even cares... point is we use it EVERYDAY!!!

Look, its empty and meaningless... it doesn't matter who is on the wagon, or who isn't, of it works or not, or most importantly if its going to help you be healthy.

There is only one thing that will have you be, live and have a healthy happy life...

You get to decide if it matters to you
You get to be loving of yourself
You get to see the value your health has on your lifestyle

So now this wagon right, its outdated... can we trash it? Can we look at it differently? This is your journey. This is your life, your choices. So lets choose wisely, don't choose because someone else is doing it. Choose what you want and the results that you want. Make that your ride, not your wagon. Cause wagons take people places... and what if the driver of that wagon is not going where you want to go? You still gonna get on?

I wouldn't, I'd like to create my own vehicle of transportation! I'm driving and its a one seated, ill stop and visit you we can wash our vehicles together. Modify them, try out each others. Whatever.  But make it a one seater... drive your way where and when you want to.

Now I want to see is that each one of us has a personal journey we are going on, and where our individual final destination will take them?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What do you do when you fall off tthe train, the productive track?

Results are obtained than you start falling backwards. Everything you have worked so hard for has been lost. One step forward, three steps backwards. Is that how your feeling? Is it just in weight loss? Is it in life too?

How many times do you ask yourself these questions?

Well lets look at this, are you comfortable somewhere you don't want to be? Are you experiencing something you have never experienced before?


Probably your trying to lose weight.
Probably your trying to get active
Probably your trying to eat better
Probably your trying to life longer
Probably your trying to feel better
Probably your trying to not die( lil extreme but work with me)

Ok great. Your probably just trying to do something. Probably, well when does the probably become I get to.. be someone, I get to do something.....
I get to live.

How many times a day do we say 'I have to lose weight.' Ok great, not.... I am going to be X weight by X date. And I get to be skinny. I get to love my healthy body!

I get to live!

How many times a day do we say 'I can't eat that, I'm on a diet.' Sure whatever, not... I enjoy eating healthier options to maintain my healthy lifestyle. And I get to be fit and active. And I love my healthy lifestyle.

I get to live!!!!

Ok so do we see where this is going? So what happens when we fall off the wagon, did we really fall? Were we ever on to begin with? And how the hell do we get on that wagon?

These are some great questions,

Tomorrow we are going to examine this wagon, were the wheels put on right? Cause everyone seems to always fall out...

Thursday we will look at were we ever on to begin with? What's holding us back from jumping on and getting in....

Friday- guest blogger (yay!!!!)

Saturday we will look at what we get to do in order to get on the wagon, lets make it a bandwagon, and lets get ourselves on tract for healthy living....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kick the Guru!

A dear friend of my heart, a true passionate provider and the individual responsible for all of my results. Her name is Zia, and this is her new and inspiring blog. She is gluten free, and has help me become gluten free. Its a life style change that will never be easy. But with help, guidence and support anything is possible.

Zia shares about herself and her blog:
I am a Holistic Chiropractor, a Qi Gong instructor, a writer, a hopeful romantic, and an optimistic realist. I am sharing stories from my life. These are stories of lessons learned, transformational shifts,revelations of the heart and some are just plain funny.My intention is to spark the conversation of transformation, contribution and loving joyful surrender!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whats Next?

Well as you all know LYS changed to mini challenges. So i invite you all to post here what your goals from now till summer day one (June 21) will be. Is it more activity? Weight loss? Better self image. Losing inches? Let us know!

This blog is for our readers! That means your feed back matters. Letting us know your working towards a goal means we are working towards a goal! So lets hear it!

What do you want your goals to be and what do you want LYS to be geared towards?

Remember that Loveyourshape has a vision of a better loving future of health fitness, body image and self esteem. Through a healthy lifestyle we can be fit active and sexy.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Advice from Marcy,

My advice would be to go slow and to focus on breathing and core support. Slower movements require more strength internally. Don't try and do what everyone else is doing. It is your journey, and it is not a destination.

Marcy is a yoga instructor and dear friend. She has an abundance of wisdom and love.

To all participating I offer you get to love yourself for your ability to take your time in your yoga sessions.

Have a wonderful and blessed day


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This weeks challenge is to stretch your muscles instead of work your muscles! There are plenty of free places to get yoga videos online like, and

So get ready, cause for this weeks challenge you are going to get to do yoga at least 3 times this week. I myself will be going to the gym to the yoga class!

I'm excited for everyone to report in every time you go to yoga and log your experience on your blog, I will be checking in on each one of you.

Yoga is a good way to center and get rid of stress in your life. This factor is key to being healthy and losing weight. More stress equals over eating and it lowers the ability for your body to be healthy and repair itself.

So log here what your commitment is. It doesn't matter how it looks, as long as you accomplish a minimum of 3 yoga sessions, this can be 15 min, for beginners and an hour for more advanced individuals.

And remember that to be healthy while working out to drink plenty of water!!!

Lets take this week by storm! Have a minimum of 3 yoga work out sessions completed by Tuesday's weigh in...

Good luck!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My vision for Love Your Shape was about having people know they are more important that self image, that they should love themselves for who they are what they are and how they look.

I thought that a weight loss challenge would be the right way to go, unfortunalty I don't feel that way any more. Within a challenge there are too many rules and restrictions. I am going to be changing the structure of this blog and this blog challenge. I want anyone and everyone to be able to participate.
To see the opportunities that are held in living a healthy lifestyle. For everyone this could look different and since everyone is different I am hoping there will be differences.

I am going to be continuing LoveYourShape, and there will still be weekly goals and challenges, but in more of an open forum type. So please log your weight and time here so that I can post them on the side bar and keep track of our successes! I am looking forward to being an amazing outreach for the world to know that self image and self love are two very different ideas, yet you can love both! Be healthy and live the right lifestyle for you to be a world player and help others be healthy like you!

Tomorrow will be the first of our weekly challenges. Since this will be a different type of forum I ask that you spread the word to others that you know about what we are doing. Lets take a stand for our health and the health of the ones we love and everyone else in the world! Join LoveYourShape on Facebook,  let other know what we are doing.

I'm very excited for all of us and have a great surprise for tomorrow! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gluten free

Sometimes Being 'Irritable' Isn’t About Your Mood - Milford, MA Patch

I recently went gluten free my whole body in a weeks time has changed, there is so much to offer in ways outside of medication for medical issues.

I hope this article helps some of you.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Where do you start?

Well you have to get your body ready for what is about to come… prepare your body and mind and schedule for the changes you are going to be making.

Your first week working out, whether you are a veteran, someone who’s gone on vacation for a few weeks or just someone who is starting out, should always be CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO.

Example week 1 workout

Monday - Treadmill - 0% inline / brisk walk speed (about 3.0) 30 minutes

Tuesday - Eliptical - Crosstrain 10 /Resistance 2 30 minutes

Wednesday - Treadmill - 5% Incline /Brisk Walk Speed (about 3.0) 45 minutes

Thursday - Elliptical - Crosstrain 10 /Resistance 6 45 minutes

Friday - Treadmill - Incline 7% / Brisk walk speed (about 3.5) 20 minutes & Elliptical - Crosstrain 10 / Resistence 8 20 minutes

Saturday - Treadmill Sprints *Lets see watcha got!* Incline 10 / Speed 4.0 (Light jog) - 30 seconds on - 30 seconds off. Do this 5x. Then, take the incline down to 0%, bring the speed up to 5.0 (a decently paced run). 30 seconds on - 30 seconds off/rest. Do this 4 times. Bring that speed up to a 7.0 (or as fast as you can go!). Rest 1 full minute, hop on for a 30 second dash. Once you’ve done this, bring down the speed to a 2.0, hop on, and walk till your heart rate is around 120.


Cardio is SUCH an important part of fitness. If gets your heart pumping, blood flowing, FAT BURNING and a week like this will help fitting the gym into your schedule and will prep your body for the work you are about to do. You’re not at the gym for hours week one, you’re getting accustom to this new routing.

Some NUTRITION rules to remember during week 1:

Because it’s the first week, lets try to make some changes in your diet, but lets not restrict you too much

1. If you drink coffee, switch that half and half, creame, or full milk, to SKIM. Switch out your sugar, to a packet of splenda PER cup.

2. Lets change ALL your breads/pastas from WHITE to WHOLE WHEAT. If you’re doing this already, lets try to cut out HALF of these portions.

3. Add PROTEIN to each meal - this means, eggs, chicken, turkey. Make sure you have plenty of GREEN NON STARCHY veggies (No peas, no corn).

4. Thirsty? Put down your soda (diet or otherwise) and drink some H20. Can’t do it… need something more delicious then an ice water? Try a packet of crystal light.

5. Snack EVERY THREE HOURS. I eat at 9AM, Noon, 3PM, 6PM and 9PM. Even if its just a pear, or a protein shake, I am consuming something every three hours — THIS IS VITAL!

Let me know how you do this week… how much weight did you lose? Are you feeling better already? If you have any questions, ask me above.

HEALTH NOTE: If you feel out of breath, or feel like you’re going to faint, IMMEDIATELY stop your workout and seek assistance.

love & dumbbells,