Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Imagination to Manifestation

10 steps to achieving your wildest dreams

1. Clarity of vision, be specific, see it, feel it, experience it.
- See it: How will your life be different? What have you created?
- Feel it: How will you feel? Empowerment, Energetic, Powerful?
- Experience it: How will you and others experience you differently?

2. Connect daily to your vision through powerful declarations and affirmations daily.
- E.g.: I am love, I am powerful, I am healthy, I am an extraordinary business woman, I live long and find strong making a positive difference in the world and other people’s lives.

3. Who do I need to be / how do I need to show up in the world to achieve my wildest dreams?
- Distinct and different from who you have been historically
- Passionate, powerful, open, risking, focused, honest, bold

4. What part of you needs to be redesigned?
- Stop procrastinating, leverage social media, create a powerful network

5. Strategy/Accountability
- Strategy: How will I get it done?
- Accountability: How many, by when - accountability partner/ coach / invest

6. Become Unstoppable. Hank Aaron hit 755 home runs and 1383 strike-outs. Be Willing to strike out
- Keep getting up to bat
- Objective Assessment - what worked, what didn’t work, what will I do differently?

7. Healthy Diet.
- What are you feeding your mind, your spirit, your body?
- Junk in/ Junk out

8. Joy, Fun, Joy, Fun, Joy, Fun When life becomes dull... we become dull
- Take the time to reflect, refresh, renew
- Ten minutes of deep breathing
- Five minutes in the sun

9. REST Take care of yourself .
- Sleep and Restore
- Pray and Meditate

10. Visit your vision daily.
- Whatever we focus on has the most power. No focus, no power
- Strong consistent focus on your vision equals manifestation.

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